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Global Link Logistics is a global logistics company that provides Amazon FBA solutions and fulfills e-commerce orders for direct-to-consumer brands. Our mission is to help your business thrive by providing world-class 3PL solutions, to get your products into the hands of customers quickly and safely.

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Leading international logistic and forwarding company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Global Link is a logistics company that believes in customization and optimization. We facilitate international trade through innovative logistics solutions. Constant innovation and improvement help us to provide the best solutions to our customers. We understand your business needs and the challenges that come with global trade.

We offer a wealth of experience in handling 3PL logistics and 3PL warehousing needs. Global Link provides comprehensive solutions that are tailor-made to meet your business needs.

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How it works

Global Link Fulfillment Center

Improve your transit times, reduce shipping costs, and offer incredible delivery experiences for your customers. Take advantage of our reliable fulfillment services and robust fulfillment network. Streamline your business with our fulfillment center in only three steps.

1. Inbound services and logistics

We receive and inspect your goods while our inventory management system monitors your products.

2. Preparation and Storage

We prepare, pack, and label your product to meet requirements for the destination.

3. Outbound

Our logistic service dispatches your goods to the desired destination, tracking them every step along the way.

How it works

You can care about your business. We will care about the rest.

Our Solutions

Global Link Service Solutions

Global Link Logistics provides a complete array of third-party logistics services. Whether you need a partner to fulfill your e-commerce orders, clear customs in Canada, temporary store your goods, or ship them overseas, we can help you with all of the above. Our global team is highly qualified, flexible, and experienced in 3PL logistics. We are inviting you to become our new partner and join hundreds of successful entrepreneurs who continue growing their businesses with us.

E-commerce fulfillment

When a small e-commerce business grow it’s comes with new challenges. The traditional expansion of the business requires high entry costs and operational efficiency. More sales mean more storage space, more storage space mean more operations and more operations means higher labor cost. Did you know that by having a trusted 3PL partner you can eliminate new cost barriers?  Our fulfillment by merchant (FBM) program helped hundreds of businesses to switch from Amazon FBA to FBM program and save thousands of dollars? Speak to one of our Customer Success Representatives to learn how to reduce your operational expenses.

Example of savings:

CostGlobal LinkAmazonSavings
Pallet storage$23.4$41.6$18.2

What is 3PL?

You may be wondering, what is 3PL exactly? The term 3PL stands for third-party logistics and supply chain management. 3PL logistic companies provide outsourced services related to warehousing, inventory management, shipping, and delivery. 3PL logistics companies can improve the management of your entire supply chain. By outsourcing to 3PL companies, you can reduce your stress levels and focus on your business’s growth. The Global Link Logistics company is a market leader in the field of 3PL.

The Old Way Versus Our Way

Forget cumbersome spreadsheets and endless tracking management. Integrate your sales channel to make all your shipping and fulfillment stress-free so that you can focus on growth. We track inventory levels across various sales channels, identifying your best-selling SKUs and helping you blacklist old SKUs. Ensure complete visibility and control over your inventory with our 3PL logistics services.

Global Link helps you to optimize your business and streamline your services. We offer a new way of doing business, our way. Decrease overhead costs, improve efficiencies, and reach new customers all over the globe. Reduce the complexities of doing global business while letting Global Link take your business to the next level.

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