Palletizing is a crucial step in the delivery of goods

If done incorrectly, it can lead to costly returns and lost profits.

The problem with palletizing is that it’s hard to do right.

Many companies have little experience doing so, or they lack the equipment necessary for quality results.

This leads to sub-par pallets that are more likely to break during shipping and handling than those made by professionals.

At Global Link , we offer high quality palletizing services at affordable prices so you get the best value for your money when shipping your products across all modes of transport—including ocean freight, air cargo, trucking and rail shipments.

Our team will work directly with yours on every job from start to finish ensuring we meet all deadlines and exceed your expectations!

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Our Palletizing Systems

We are extremely experienced in palletizing and have a number of different methods available to ensure that your products are loaded and unloaded carefully and securely.

Whether you need cases, bags, pails or bundles palletizing we can help as we have precise techniques for the correct handling of every type of package:

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Case Palletizing

Our case palletizing technology uses machinery to lift cases or cartons from production lines and stack them perfectly onto a pallet.

Examples of use include lifting raw meat products off the line, stacking grocery items like cereal boxes into lunch packs for schools, or lifting televisions for assembly before shipment.

Case Palletizing offers incredibly fast cycles which produce higher quality output using significantly less manpower than traditional hand-picking methods.

If you’ve got a lot of products to palletize this is a good solution.

You can care about your business. We will care about the rest.

Pallet Supply Management

Pallet supply management is an important component of efficient inventory and production.

Pallets are often used to move goods across a warehouse, facilitate storage or shipments, or as part of the packaging process.

Placing pallets in areas where they are not needed will lead to less efficiency and increased costs for your company.

Our palletization service also deals with pallet management so that you don’t have to concern yourself about what to do with all the pallets at either end of the supply chain.

Why You Should Use Our Palletizing Service

The world is changing and so are the needs of businesses.

The need for a more efficient distribution system has propelled many companies to switch from paper invoices to digital ones, or use palletizing systems that allow them to ship goods in bulk instead of one at a time.

With all these changes happening, there’s no better time than now to start looking for an innovative solution that can help your business grow without having you spend as much on machinery and staff.

That’s where we come in!

We’re experts when it comes down to managing palletization in a cost-effective but also sustainable way.

We’ll work with you closely and provide advice on how you could improve your business’ efficiency by using our palletizing and other services.

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